[Boatanchors] RCA Transformer: Looking for Details

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> Hello All,
> Came across a vintage RCA transformer having twin octal rectifier sockets on the top with 'bear trap' clamps.  There are three bits of information stamped/engraved into the top:  the old style RCA logo (about 1/4 inch in diameter), the number 1106863-1, and the number 412723.
> I carefully measured the resistance between all sets of wires to determine the primary and the secondaries, popped in two 5U4GB's, then wired the primaries to the output of a Variac and slowly raised the primary voltage to 120 VAC.  There are two 6.8 VAC secondaries (no load, one set is 16 ga stranded the other is 18 ga stranded) and the HV output measured 374 VDC with a ~92 VAC wave riding on top.  I don't have a choke handy and didn't want to solder a bunch of capacitors together to make a filter (lazy and it's getting late in the day), so I do not know what the filtered DC output voltage would be.
> Here is my question to the group:  Does this type of transformer sound familiar to anyone or is there a reference available so I can determine the output currents of the secondaries?
> Thank you all in advance for your help.
> Best Regards,
> William

William, it sound like a transformer from one of RCAs Big old tv set.

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