[Boatanchors] Collins KWM 2a question

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I’d like to buy some from you. 


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And I have some of those extra crystals for other segments of 10m band available if anybody needs them.

Bry, AF4K

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The KWM-2 series, like the "S" Line, came with crystals for the full coverage of 80, 40, 20, and 15 meters.  The only 10 meter crystal was one for 28.5 MHz to 28.7 MHz which was the low end of the 10 meter "phone band" in those days.  The KWM-2A has a total of 5 extra positions on the 10 meter band to add additional coverage crystals.

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I just picked up a Collins KWM 2A and haven't had a chance to try firing it up yet. My question is: are crystals needed to cover the routine ham bands or are they only needed for frequencies outside of normal operating areas, such as MARS? The manual is not clear on this.
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