[Boatanchors] Waste Not Want Not: WWII Japanese Capacitors, Power Transistors from the '70's (?), Other Odds-n-Ends

William Morton w_b_morton at hotmail.com
Sat Aug 20 16:56:22 EDT 2011

Hello All,

Came across the remnants of an estate sale of a retired Navy instructor.  Didn't have a good enough reason to say 'no' so a bunch of stuff fell into the trunk of my car.  

Some of the items are capacitors of Japanese manufacture in various sizes, some are disk and some are in hollow tube form.  The leads are flat with a small hole punched in the end.  According to the person who had them, these are from the end of WWII.  The instructor went over to Japan and brought back parts in order to study the Japanese technology of the day.  

The disk type capacitors are roughly 1 1/4" diameter, 3/32" thick, with axial leads, rated at 80 pf +/-10% 1.5kVAC, and are yellow/orange in color.  The hollow tube capacitors are just under 2 3/8" long, about 7/8" in diameter, rated at 1000 pf+/-10% 3000VAC, with the flat leads attached on the ends and coated in a varnish-like substance (kinda shiny, coffee brown color).  Note that the ratings are for the ones I have in my hands right now.  I have not cataloged the quantities and ratings of all of them.  According to the labels on the various envelopes, there are 11 of the tubular style and my memory wants to say there is about the same number of disk types.

There is also some stuff I truly have no use for, but maybe someone out there does.  These would be power transistors of various manufacture such as Motorola 2N208 2, Motorola 0645-1, CBS DT4-17, Delco JAN-CGM 2N3902, GE 2N508, and so on.  Quite a few with no label remaining.  

There are also 5 modern large capacitors that look like they have never been used.  The are PowerCap Type 85D rated at '150,000 MF' 5V and are made by the National Capacitor Company of Garden Grove, CA.

Along with the above stuff, there is a plethora of more modern items that look interesting:  Diodes, transistors, relays, and a variety of doo dads.  Certainly the doo dads ought to pique someone's interest...  I do not have the time or the wherewithal to take an exact inventory, so I will stick with the above list and include whatever else looks useful/interesting in a shipping box.

Anybody want this stuff?  I will ship it via Parcel Post, and I will estimate packing/shipping costs of $25 (PayPal to w_b_morton at hotmail.com).  If you think what you receive is worth more, you can donate the estimated value to your favorite legitimate charity.  Yes, it's a gamble, but how many people do you know have WWII era Japanese capacitors?  

Best Regards,



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