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The microphonics are still present even with the volume control all the way down.
The noise (static like crashes) decrease with the volume control all the way, down but are still present, just barely though.
By microphonics, I mean that when I tap the cabinet or front panel, you can hear the coming through the audio section.
Before the noise started in the audio section, it was not present.
I have had the receiver gone completely through by an expert in Hammarlund receivers.  When he sent it back after going through it,
he said it was as close to factor specs as he had ever been able to get a receiver of its age to.
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> > The audio output of my HQ 170 has become very noisy and 
> > microphonic.
> > Does anyone have spare audio driver and audio output tubes 
> > they would be willing to part with?
> > Thanks
> >
> > Ray wa7itz
> Are you sure its a tube? Both the driver and output 
> tubes run wide open all the time, the volume control is 
> before the 6AV6. If the microphonics is not varied by the 
> volume control its probably coming from the 6AV6 which is a 
> high gain tube. But... make sure there are not bad 
> connections around it, poke the circitry and wiggle the tube 
> to see if it makes any difference. Sometimes cold solder 
> joints or a composition resistor that has cracked can act 
> like this.
> Also, just pull the 6AV6 and see if the noise goes 
> away, that will eliminate the output tube.
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