[Boatanchors] Hammarlund HQ 180

Al Parker anchor at ec.rr.com
Sun Feb 27 09:51:24 EST 2011

Hi Vic,
	I was just asked a similar question re: the panel bezel paint, I think 
much applies to yours:

	Nowadays there doesn't seem to be anyone who is supplying brand/model 
specific paint.  And Hammarlund used at least 2 different shades of gray 
in the HQ-170/180 series, so it's a bit of a job to match what anyone 
has in particular.  The bezel ring, IIRC, should be the same color as 
the front panel, which sometimes is a little different that the cabinet. 
  What I've done doesn't really help you -- I've made small test panels 
of spray can paint of various mfgrs.  I can then use the test panels to 
match up to what I have.
	If you wanted to do a whole cabinet (or 2 or 3) you could take your 
panel, or cabinet, to a paint store and have it color matched.  But they 
usually won't do less than a quart.  Some can then put that into spray 
cans for you.
	The top of spray cans is "supposed to" match the color in the cans, you 
might get close by looking at different cans in your local Walmart, 
Lowes, HOme Depot, etc., store.
	This doesn't solve your problem, but might give you some ideas.
	Here are some pix of HQ-170's & -180's I've worked on.  Pix don't 
always show true color, but I think you can tell there are differences.


Al, W8UT

"There is nothing -- absolutely nothing -- half so much
worth doing as simply messing about in boats"
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On 2/26/2011 10:51 PM, Vic Gagliano wrote:
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> */Hey Anchorites,/*
> */Does anyone know where I can get the gray paint for a Hammarlund HQ 180?/*
> */I know I saw someone out there with the paint formulas for the
> different /*
> */manufacturers… Heath, Hallicrafters, Johnson, Collins etc../*
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> */Tnx Ahead of time,/*
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> */Regards & 73's,/*
> */Vic Gagliano WA2ARQ/*
> */wa2arq at verizon.net/*
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