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Brings up a good point.  I asked if I could take QEX in lieu of QST, ARRL of
course said no.  One can't even wipe one's butt with those glossy pages in

Scott W7SVJ

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At 04:03 PM 1/14/2011, Richard Loken wrote:

>I recently read a copy of QST for the first time in a few years.  In it 
>2011 or Feb 2011 maybe?) was a light weight article about the HRO and 
>the demand for change that drove its design.  The article is 
>lightweight to the point of being useless but it has references to 
>articles from the thirties and twenties that might be worth finding.
>Come to that, every article in that issue of QST was light weight.  
>Can't anybody read anything longer than two pages anymore?

That's what QEX is for, in this modern era...  Things have changed, and not
for the better, licensee wise....

Perry  w8au

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