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Granted there are a significant number of "licensed" (vs. "active") hams in the US and our voice in the international forums is the ARRL.  There have been, however, times when the ARRL has been less than a forceful advocate of boat anchor technology, particularly AM.  In fact, one wonders occasionally if they are not setting up AM to become an obsolete mode of transmission when it is presented at these forums not as an equal mode but rather an exception noted with an asterisk.
The ARRL is our only voice so the best we can do is present evidence of the BA community vitality by operating and letting the ARRL know of the continuing interest in BA technology, particularly AM.73

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Really haven't kept tabs on the ARRL being Canadian.  However, there are -believe it or not - 695,000 licensed hams in the US.

It would be hard for any organization that big to appeal to everyone.  However, there are lots of people who could find a commercial use for any piece of spectrum if they could get their hands on it cheap enough.  There might be some value in looking the other way at any shortcomings the ARRL might have as long as they keep protecting your turf.  Otherwise there may not be any place left to float your boat anchor.

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