[Boatanchors] FS: "HN" Connectors

George Babits gbabits at custertel.net
Wed Jan 19 12:15:45 EST 2011

I have the following HN connectors I have no further need for. All are used, 
in good condition.
2 ea  UG-212C/U right angle adapters (elbows)  $10.00 each
1 ea  UG-496/U  chassis mount  $2.00
1 ea  UG-60E/U  female cable end (cut-off)  $4.00
1 ea  UG-259A/U  adapter  HN to 1" hard line  $5.00
1 ea  6 foot patch cord of RG-8A/U with a UG-59A/U male connector at each 
end  $20.00

Postage is extra.  I'll sell the whole lot for $50.00 postpaid.

Thanks for looking,

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