[Boatanchors] Feb 2011 Classic Exchange

howard holden holden7471 at msn.com
Sun Jan 23 14:04:30 EST 2011

The CW CX will run from 1400 UTC January 30 to 0800 UTC January 31, 2011
(9 AM Eastern Time on Sunday to 3 AM Eastern Time Monday) 

Suggested frequencies +/- QRM:

1.810 mc. 3.545 mc. 7.045 mc. 14.045 mc. 21.135 mc. 28.050 mc. 50.100 mc. 144.100 mc.

Details on the Classic Exchange website www.classicexchange.org

I'll be on for the first time from the new QTH in Reno NV.

If you have questions, comments, contact me directly at WB2AWQ at arrl.net or Mac WQ8U at WQ8U at nc.rr.com

See ya all next Sunday!

Howie WB2AWQ
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