[Boatanchors] Waste Not Want Not: Crystals and a Couple of Transmitting Tubes for Display

William Morton w_b_morton at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 24 23:48:57 EST 2011

Hello All,

I visited an estate sale this past weekend and came upon some items that may be of use for someone out there.  I will just list them and interested persons can let me know which one(s) they would like.

1.  An Eimac 3-400Z tube.  This is in good external condition and the printing is nice and clear.  This is a display tube only in that there are a couple 'bonus' bits clinking around on the inside.

2.  A very pretty 813 tube.  This is in very good condition, nice and clean although there are some witness marks around the metal base from a clamp.  This is a display tube in that the word 'bad' is written on the bottom face of the base.

3.  A 6146B/8298A tube.  In good physical shape but I do not have the proper equipment to test it.  It was included with the other tubes listed above.

4.  A small box of about 15 crystals.  These are in small silver cans with two pins sticking out.  Some cans are larger than others.  Thumbnail size and smaller.  Various frequencies.  I am not a radio operator, so I will not claim to know which are the more popular values or if any of them even work.

The fine print:

If you are interested, send me an email.  I will make these parts available to anyone who will pay reasonable shipping costs and make a contribution of similar value to their favorite legitimate charity.

Best Regards,


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