[Boatanchors] MFM Drive

pmarkavage at juno.com pmarkavage at juno.com
Wed Jan 26 16:33:55 EST 2011

Since we collectors and players of old boatanchors tend to
collect/retain/store stuff, I figure I'd pose the request here. Have this
old boatanchor PC (HP 150) that I'm trying to resurrect for the shack for
packet stuff and winter fun and giggles. The MFM hard drive is bad so I'm
looking for either a 20 or 40 Meg MFM hard drive. Original was 5 1/4 size
but I can cobble together some brackets if you have the 3 1/2 size  but
it has to be MFM (take two flat cables, one wide and one narrow). This
HP150 is "unique" in that it comes with a 9 inch tube and has a "touch
Buy or swap(you know what I have a lot of). 
Pete, WA2CWA

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