[Boatanchors] Best Boatanchor 160-10m Receivers for SSB?

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Sat Jun 4 22:59:56 EDT 2011

Thanks!  Very good info!  We will have to compare notes.

Is the NC-183D as good of a SSB receiver as the Drake 2B, or even close?

Perhaps someone has a 2B and is looking for a Pierson KE-93 w/PS(s)?

> What a coincidence. I am currently refurbishing a CE 20-A and VFO. I also
> have the MM2 scope and a refurbished 600L linear. I was thinking of pairing
> the 2B with it but I also have a mint refurbished NC-183D which has had a
> product detector modification and that would be more from the 20-A's time
> period.
> As far as the 2BQ and calibrator.... I have both. The 2BQ is not a "must
> have" but it looks real neat sitting next to the 2B. If you do a lot of CW
> work it then becomes more of a "must have." The calibrator is more of a
> "must have" in my operating experience.
> When you go to look for your 2B, just keep looking until you find one with
> the calibrator installed. They are ridiculously expensive when bought on
> ebay separately. One just went for over $100 dollars a while back.
> Regards, Alan, WB2FZC
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> Are the 2BQ Multiplier and calibrator must-haves?
> Does it cover 160m or would a receive-converter be required?
> BTW: It will be paired with a CE 20-A and converted BC-458 VFO.
>   >  donroden at hiwaay.net wrote:
>> Drake 2B hands down
>> W4DNR
>>> Within the following parameters which would you list as
>>> the best Boatanchor receiver for SSB?
>>> 1.  Medium-to-compact (less than 14" w, 10" h, 12" d).
>>> 2.  All-tube.
>>> 3.  Preferably double-conversion.
>>> 4.  Good selectivity.
>>> 5.  160-10m coverage (Ham bands only OK).
>>> 6.  Under $200. in good cosmetic and operating condition.
>>> I have a Pierson KE-93 w/AC&  DC power supplies but even
>>>      with a preselector I am not sure it can be coaxed
>>>      into being a 'good" SSB receiver.
>>> WDYT?


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