[Boatanchors] Best Boatanchor 160-10m Receivers for SSB?

Alan Gutfrucht agutfruc at chicagogsb.edu
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What a coincidence. I am currently refurbishing a CE 20-A and VFO. I also
have the MM2 scope and a refurbished 600L linear. I was thinking of pairing
the 2B with it but I also have a mint refurbished NC-183D which has had a
product detector modification and that would be more from the 20-A's time

As far as the 2BQ and calibrator.... I have both. The 2BQ is not a "must
have" but it looks real neat sitting next to the 2B. If you do a lot of CW
work it then becomes more of a "must have." The calibrator is more of a
"must have" in my operating experience. 

When you go to look for your 2B, just keep looking until you find one with
the calibrator installed. They are ridiculously expensive when bought on
ebay separately. One just went for over $100 dollars a while back. 

Regards, Alan, WB2FZC 

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Are the 2BQ Multiplier and calibrator must-haves?

Does it cover 160m or would a receive-converter be required?

BTW: It will be paired with a CE 20-A and converted BC-458 VFO.

 > donroden at hiwaay.net wrote:
> Drake 2B hands down
>> Within the following parameters which would you list as
>> the best Boatanchor receiver for SSB?
>> 1.  Medium-to-compact (less than 14" w, 10" h, 12" d).
>> 2.  All-tube.
>> 3.  Preferably double-conversion.
>> 4.  Good selectivity.
>> 5.  160-10m coverage (Ham bands only OK).
>> 6.  Under $200. in good cosmetic and operating condition.
>> I have a Pierson KE-93 w/AC & DC power supplies but even
>>     with a preselector I am not sure it can be coaxed
>>     into being a 'good" SSB receiver.
>> WDYT?


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