[Boatanchors] Best Boatanchor 160-10m Receivers for SSB?

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Mon Jun 6 17:47:09 EDT 2011

Thanks to all for all of the information!

I have probably driven-up the price of a 2B out there even more!

The challenges are to find a decent 2B, and finding one that is

Best case would be to find someone who'd like to trade for my
three pieces of Pierson gear.

In a price, and feature, and appearance comparison between the
2B it wins on appearance, is a little better on features, but
is way more costly to buy in the current market.

If anyone hears of a decent 2B for sale or trade please let me

> I vote for the 2B also. I had one for about 20 years back in the 60's
> through the 80's, and it was a really good performer for SSB and CW, and
> very reliable. I picked one up a while back that needed some work, but
> now it looks good and works very well. I don't have the 2BQ or
> calibrator though (and also didn't have either of them back in the old
> days). I don't think they are absolutely necessary, but nice to have for
> sure. The calibration is pretty good across most of the bands on my 2B,
> except on 20 meters, it's a little off from the rest of the bands. I
> just have to slide the dial scale to the right a little if I want it
> right on.
> I also have an NC-300, with AVC mods for better SSB reception. It's ok
> for SSB, but not as good as the 2B, and not nearly as stable on the
> higher bands.
> I had an SB-301 with the CW filter a few years ago (paired with an
> SB-401). It was a very good performer, but I don't think it was quite as
> reliable as the 2B. Very stable and sensitive though.
> 73,
> Al, WA2AS


Thanks! & 73, KD4E
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