[Boatanchors] CE 20A information

john johnmb at nc.rr.com
Wed Jun 8 20:10:25 EDT 2011

As far as operating it, it seems to work as advertised. I've tuned it up as 
instructed and it just works.  The nulling process with the "magic eye" is 
fun and works EXTREMELY well. By alternately nulling the carrier, then 
increasing the sensitivity of the  magic eye, you can really do a good job 
of this process.

I find that once tuned, it stays tuned (and nulled) and the "matching" vfo 
is surprisingly stable on 20m even if warmed up only for 5 min or so.  The 
WRL LA1 linear  is driven well with the output of the 20A. I've used this 
numerous times on the Vintage SSB net on 20m and always gotten good reports.


At 07:52 PM 6/8/2011, doc at kd4e.com wrote:
>Isn't that disgracefully modern?
>Seriously, the Shure 444 is a terrific mic.
>Any suggestions, apart from the manual (I downloaded
>everything I could find on the Internet), as to adjusting,
>modifying, and/or operating the CE 20-A?
>Is there a Yahoogroup or other CE list you'd recommend?
>Right now I am still dealing with the awe of having
>it on the desk - I turn that way now and then and
>just look at it for a moment.
>>I use the Shure 444 with excellent reports.
>>John K5MO
>>>What would be the recommended mics for the CE 20-A, please?
>>>Thanks! & 73, KD4E
>Thanks! & 73, KD4E
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