[Boatanchors] Value of a J-41A Straight Key?

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Thu Jun 9 13:55:04 EDT 2011

Worth what you can get.  There are suckers everywhere.
It's actually "worth" nothing at all, of course.  Who "needs" it anyway! 
Put it on Ebay and be happy.  I have a dozen keys, including the $2 Speedex 
I got when I was about 10, and I can only send with one at a time.  I won my 
bug in a poker game.

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> Anyone have a guess as to the value of a J-41A straight key?
> I have one here that I am not using and could use the funds
> elsewhere.  It is not pristine but is in good condition -
> actually mounted to a board with a print of the code marked
> "Philmore Model 750".
> I have read $50.  Is that about right or ??
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