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Thanks, Steve!

The second link hit the nail on the head. Turns out, ULINE sells the stuff but only in quantity (i.e. not onesies, twosies, etc.) so an "investment" would have to be made, even for the "room temperture" version. Also, looks like multiple bags would be necessary for boxes larger than about 18" on sides.

Thanks for the effort!!
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  some packaging links:


  On 6/17/2011 12:04 PM, Bob Jackson wrote: 
    I rec'd a nice BA yesterday that was shipped from Calif. via UPS (Ugh!). What was amazing to me was the packing material. The sender (an individual, not a commercial biz) had used some sort of what appeared to be "expandable-foam-in-a-bag" product that perfectly fit the radio. That is, the radio seemed to have been put in the box while the "bag" was still wet and left an exact impression of itself in the bag which eventually solidified (I'm guessing). The top "bag" was also similarly perfectly form-fitting to the top of the radio. In other words, there were two exactly fitting "bags" that so perfectly fit the boxes and its contents that no movement of the radio was possible and protection was excellent. So, BIG Q: does anyone know what this stuff is called and where can it be bought. This is WORLDS better than peanuts or bubble wrap, etc. The sender of the BA hasn't returned my emails.

    Bob AG5X

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