[Boatanchors] Lucky Find: Need Some Assistance, Though

William Morton w_b_morton at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 2 23:48:32 EST 2011

Hello Bill,

I am now the proud owner of about 2000 tubes, maybe more, rescued from certain destruction.  The tubes are from the estate of, as far as I can tell, a repair/HAM operator.  

Certainly some are for small radios and/or TV's and perhaps may not be of much interest to audio or HAM folks.  However, upon digging through some boxes, I am finding 807's, 811's, 6AS7's, and various rectifiers, and other tubes that may be a minor treasure to someone.  From what I see nearly all are used but may have some life left in them.

My Seco 107 can't test most of these things, so I will be looking for a tester that can handle 4 and 5-pin tubes, tubes with a top anode connection, etc.,  so I can check these out.

Now that my Hickok 605A is basically out of commission, do you think we could work something out so I could potentially 'rent' the Hickok you have for sale or figure out a price?  I am assuming your Hickok is still available and can test older tubes (such as 45) all the way up to Compactrons (7868).

Let me know your comments.  Thanks in advance.

Best Regards,


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