[Boatanchors] An S-38 with FOUR Knobs???

W4AWM at aol.com W4AWM at aol.com
Sun Mar 6 10:52:36 EST 2011


Mike hit the nail on the head.  The original res slide switch for  
Standby/Receive has been replaced with a rotary switch keeping the original  panel 
markings. Looks like a neat job. Many of those res switches were so stiff  
that they would lift the front of the receiver off the table when operated in  
the upward position.
BTW, some later models of the S-38D or E, I believe it was, had a bfo  
trimmer accessible through a hole in the rear chassis apron. There was no knob,  
it was a screwdriver adjustment. Seems like a poor design without at least 
a  knob on it.
 John,  W4AWM

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