[Boatanchors] An S-38 with FOUR Knobs???

Jeramy Thibodeaux kg4azt at earthlink.net
Sun Mar 6 14:42:31 EST 2011

Speaking of S-38's.

I have a parts unit looking for a new home.  Missing the small knobs, back 
cover, tubes and ???.  I saved this from the trash collector quite awhile 
back with the intention of possibly restoring.  The case will also have to 
be redone because the previous owner painted over the original logos and 
lettering.  I will let it go for the cost of shipment from my house to 
yours.  I think I also bought a reproduction manual from one of the manual 
guys as well.  If interested, I can try and find it and throw that in for 

I live in area code 28306 (NC).

Also, for you military nuts.  I believe I have a BC-312N receiver.  The case 
is in rough shape and it is missing the data plate and a few connectors on 
the front are missing or damaged.  The insides all appear to be there.  Any 
interest?  She is heavy so shipping cost may excessive.

I hate to see it trashed so this stuff needs to go to someone with more time 
and interest.


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> The 4th knob is just someone's replacement of the slide switch.  The 3rd 
> knob is for the BFO pitch, but the 4th knob is not standard.
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> --- On Sun, 3/6/11, David Hollander <n7rk at cox.net> wrote:
> Hi Bob - the original S-38 had an adjustable pitch BFO which is what the 
> extra knob is for. On the S-38A-E, they eliminated that.
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