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Mon Mar 7 14:14:14 EST 2011

After being informed my previous WTB list was too long and complicated, I’ve
shortened and revised it somewhat, the latter hopefully to simplify it and
adjust it to fit planned projects rather than being so generic.  We already
know about the budget, space and theft issues so I won’t expand on them now.
So anyway, here ‘tis 
1.) Stripper T-23/ARC-5 for the right angle 832 mounts and plate connectors.
2.) Stripper BC-625 for the butterfly caps and 832 plate pins.
3.) Two each BC-A*-229 Rx & BC-A*-230 Tx, one restorable pair and one
stripper pair (with stripper coil sets for 80 & 40m; I have a good pair
already).  I have a tuning head and the control boxes for the restorable one
although a short tuning cable would be good.
4.) GF/RU pair (probably GF-11/RU-16 would be easiest to locate) for
restoration, also with coils to cover 80 & 40m.  (Other GF/RU components
welcome as well.)  
5.) Stripper GP, BC-223, BC-191/-375 and/or BC-610 tuning units for parts.
6.) Stripper GP, BC-223 and/or BC-191/375 Tx chasses for parts.  (A stripper
BC-610 would be nice but the shipping would be a killer. ;-) )
7.) Stripper MD-7/ARC-5 for the relays and power input filter (all under
chassis), all of which are missing from mine.  Everything else is present.
(One connector is wrong but I have the replacement, I think.)
8.) Stripper BC-451, C-87/ART-13, BC-A*-232, 23097, 23098 etc control boxes
for the telegraph keys.  
1.) SCC, DCC, SSC & DSC wire - #20, #24 & #28 for sure but other sizes
2.) Litz wire for winding IFs and other coils.  Alternatively, IF etc cans
that can be rewound as needed.
3.) Cloth covered hook up wire typical to the 20s, 30s and into the 50s.
Also need the same wire for open wire cabling for some systems.*
4.) White Vinyl over cloth wiring typical to that used in aircraft in the
50s & 60s.*
5.) UX210 to mate with one on hand and any other tubes good for the 1920s.
6.) SX-24 S-meter & Bezel
7.) Prewar components (resistors**, caps***, RF chokes**** etc) and hardware
(knobs, panel bushings, 4-7 pin UX-type tube sockets, plate caps, thumb
screws for terminal strips etc.)  While I have several rigs in mind – home
designed and from other sources – I can adapt to what’s available rather
than trying to nail down specific pieces.
8.) Power supply chokes and audio output (mostly) transformers.  
9.) (Highly unlikely but worth a try) A PA tuning network from a Johnson
Viking I or II.  This is to replace one stolen along with the rest of the RF
* Memory serving (since my manuals etc are in storage), I need #14, #18 and
#20 for sure and maybe #16.  The #14 is for anything carrying 12 or 24v
aircraft battery power for the older sets and #16 (again, memory serving)
for battery for the Type 12s.  The other two sizes are for the control and
signal wiring.
** I can’t duplicate power resistors but I can use more modern carbon comp
1/2, 1 and 2w resistors to create “fake” prewar resistors using them, some
clay and model paints.  
*** Making paper and some mica caps (more receiving than transmitting) is
within my talents as are sliding plate variable caps, but anything good for
transmitting at any sort of power without resorting to mineral oil baths
**** While I have several designs for coil winders including a few of my
own, I do not at present have facilities to make one which means either
buying one or buying readymade chokes other than single layer ones.  How
This should hold me for a while, at least until the “attendants” from the
Home for the Terminally Weird catch up with me.  ;-)
Mahalo for your attention.
Best regards,
Michael, WH7HG BL01xh WPE3ARS, ex-KN3MXO, ex-K3MXO A&P PP BGI LS/MFT
 <http://wh7hg.blogspot.com/> http://wh7hg.blogspot.com/ 
Hiki Nô! 
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