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Thu Mar 10 19:48:15 EST 2011

A phone patch is a bakelite repair kit for busted phone
shells ...  ;-)  :-)

The Gonset GPP-1 Phone Patch would still be useful on the
Maritime Net and the Christian missions nets but the use
of phone patches was already dying more than 20 years ago.

The GPP-1 is a really nice looking device - perhaps worth
slipping a small speaker into and using as an outboard
speaker with some unique eye-appeal.


 > Bob Peters wrote:
> You are joking Right Bob???? How many years a ham???
> What's a "PHONE PATCH"?
> Bob Macklin
> Seattle, Wa.
> "Real Radios Glow In The Dark"
>> Hi Folks  I have a Gonset Phone Patch the one that is fully chromed and
>> has
>> the meter in the middle FOR SALE. I want $30 shipped to you.
>> This box is in perfect condition ... Any takers before HAMFEST time...IF
>> nothing more it is nice to look at..
>> Bob W1PE


Thanks! & 73, KD4E
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