[Boatanchors] FS: Variable Capacitors

George Babits gbabits at custertel.net
Fri Mar 11 12:48:25 EST 2011

I have four "lots" of variable capacitors I'd like to find new homes for. 
These are mostly transmitting variables.

LOT 1:
            150 pf, 0.09" spacing
            110 pf, 0.1" spacing
            450 pf,  0.03" spacing
            80 pf, 0.17" spacing, with vernier drive, insulated coupling, 
and knob
            Sell the lot for $35.00 postpaid within the US

LOT 2:
            This is a pair of precision 300 pf capacitors having 0.03" 
            The shafts are insulated and the knobs are included (no set 
            The shafts are supported with ball bearings at each end.
            Plates look like they are gold plated!  Sell the pair for $32.00 
            in the US

LOT  3:
             This lot is a pair of large 120 pf capacitors with 0.15" 
              Sell the pair for $55.00 postpaid within the US

LOT 4:
            Small 2 section receiver variable. one section 150 pf, the other 
             400 pf  new in the box
            150 pf, 0.965" spacing
            300 pf, 0.02" spacing
            450 pf, 0015" spacing  ball bearings on shaft
            150 pf, 0.08" spacing, E.F. Johnson
            Sell this lot of 5 for $38.00 postpaid within the US

I can provide pictures of each lot for those interested.  Just email with 
the lot number you want to see.  I don't mind selling individual capacitors 
from these lots, but the postage gets rediculous so I would prefer to sell 
as listed.

Thanks for looking,

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