[Boatanchors] LOOKING FOR MIC

Mike Hanz aaf-radio-1 at aafradio.org
Sun Mar 13 13:32:56 EDT 2011

What you're describing sounds like the Navy RS-38, Bob.  They come up on 
ebay all the time.  I have a few words about it at 
http://aafradio.org/flightdeck/Peripherals-mikes.html  I have not heard 
of a dynamic version of it, though.  U.S. military practice was almost 
universally carbon element based during the war.

Mike  KC4TOS

On 3/13/2011 12:12 PM, Bob Peters wrote:
> I am looking for a mobile mic that came after the T-17.  It was Round, Black
> Bakelite, used in aircraft had a round mike holder. I think that there were
> two versions one was carbon and one was dynamic normally had a PJ068
> connector on it. Looking for one for my mic collection. I remember as a kid
> they sold for about 75 \cents in the surplus store  LOL anyone have one that
> they would part with???

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