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Unfortunately, the Post Office will NOT allow any magazines to be sent by book rate, actually called "media mail".  It has to do with the fact that there is advertising in the magazines.  I know, the advertising is 70 years old, but that doesn't matter to the Post Office!  Not that long ago I tried to send a bunch of Popular Electronics magazines from the 1950s and they would not let me use media mail.  The same thing has happened to numerous persons around the country and this has been a topic on several E-Mail reflectors over the past year, or so.

Postal clerks are now supposed to open media mail packages to insure that the contents meet the criteria.  Unfortunately, magazines do NOT meet the criteria for media mail.  It seems that too many people were using media mail to send things at a considerably lower rate than what should be paid.  Therefore, the Post Office has "cracked down" on media mail.

I would suggest using FedEx ground.  FedEx is cheaper than UPS and they do a much better job, especially where damage is concerned.

Glen, K9STH

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I have a stack of QST's from most of the 1930's if any interest. I 
haven't inventoried lately. I think there are a few months missing in 
the 1930's range. I don't know what mint or average is, but these are 
not mint in my mind. some are pretty good and a few have nastyness on 
the binder edge.  Give me you e-mail and I'll sned my inventory.  I am 
guessing you can still get a book rate for USPS?  Otherwise, shipping 
may not be worth it.

Doug N4IJ
Harrah, OK

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