[Boatanchors] Need Heath parts

hudlerb1 at netzero.com hudlerb1 at netzero.com
Wed Mar 30 00:04:11 EDT 2011

Well 2 projects are underway and I could use a couple of odd pieces to make them work or complete to be usefull.

1st - mobile bracket for a HW2036 2M rig. Not seen on ebay, even as part of a sale for the radios.......

2nd - Solid State LMO for a SB102 or SB303. The one I have is very unstable and getting bad reports over the air. I have had it apart several times attempting to fix it, ie cleaning and also added wire braid from rotor to grnd. I have also removed it from the chassis and yes just tapping on it makes it go wild....I can not see what is making it unstable. Nothing visibly wrong with it......

Thanks in advance......73 Bruce

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