[Boatanchors] Fw: Small Variacs

Wilson Lamb infomet at embarqmail.com
Mon May 2 13:02:33 EDT 2011

I'm resending while awaiting moderator review of message with datasheet, 
which exceeds guideline for length.  I can send the sheet to you, if you are 

> Hello anchorites!
> I bought two really neat little powerstats at a recent hamfest, being
> assured they were for 120V.  It may well have been an honest mistake, 
> since
> the guy is regularly there, but they are actually 40V, 60Hz Powerstats, 
> made
> for use in low voltage solid state circuitry.  Max current is 7A, 280VA.
> Can anyone use these nice little units?  I'm sure if they were needed they
> would be very hard to find!  Their spec's are the same as the 10C-40 on 
> the
> attached data sheet, per a nice lady at Superior Electric.
> I'll eat some loss for mistake, so $30 will get them mailed to you via 
> If someone bails  me out of this I promise to spend the money on other BA
> gear I can actually use.
> 73,
> Wilson

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