[Boatanchors] FS: VINTAGE Globe LA-1 by WRL

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Wed May 4 21:25:46 EDT 2011

OK, who wants to buy a nice 20-A??
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I have one of these, and they're neat little amps.  A perfect match for a
Central Electronics 20A.

John K5MO

At 04:23 PM 5/4/2011, doc at kd4e.com wrote:
>Heads-up!  If you are looking. I don't know the seller nor anything about 
>the rig.
>FS: VINTAGE Globe LA-1 by WRL
>Helping XYL of club member (SK) clean out gear. A vintage Globe Linear 
>Amplifier, Model LA-1, with original, unmarked assembly/instruction manual. 
>80-6 mtr, 200w AM, 300w SSB/CW. All original parts except 2 of the EL-38 
>tubes have been replaced with 6CN6's. Needs new power cord rubber dried & 
>cracked, no test done, looks nice for age, no rust, small scratch on top 
>and face, slight paint missing around front screws and 2 screws not 
>original. Excellent project, Leo Meyerson of WRL was proud of these, now a 
>part of history. Will acccept $175 plus shipping in the form of a USPS 
>money order. Any questions, feel free to email or call. Thanks for helping 
>the widow, she needs the money. 73, NØBAV in Nebraska
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