[Boatanchors] HT-9

Wilson Lamb infomet at embarqmail.com
Tue May 10 18:51:33 EDT 2011

OK, I now have not one but TWO HT-9s!!
And I would appreciate real world experience reports.
Have you run one?
Dioes it work as expected?
What are the major problems?
Do you have extra output coils that are not falling apart?

How does one get them out of the case?

My goal is to drive one with a vfo, ideally a DDS VFO hidden in the cabinet, 
to not be dependent on crystals.

It's an interesting rig.  A no compromise collection of just what one would 
build in the shop, from a collection of articles.  I sure hope the xfmrs are 

Lookiing forward to hearing from owners,

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