[Boatanchors] Anyone Interested? Montgomery Ward A, B, C Power Supply

William Morton w_b_morton at hotmail.com
Sun May 15 23:14:14 EDT 2011

Hello All,
I saw this at a garage sale and, frankly, bought it for the nameplate which was still in pretty good shape with only minor scattered pitting.  There was also potential for saving some of the terminals and/or the voltage plate from the front panel.  The outside shell was still in relatively good shape although one corner was cut along its edge and bent back for some reason.
I took the shell off today and peeked inside.  What greeted me was a group of transformers (1 large, 2 medium sized), 2 of what looked to be oil filled capacitors and some miscellaneous power resistors, a relay, and a maze of cloth insulated wires.  Plus quite a bit of dust and grime.  There are 2 4-pin tube sockets as well.
Does this have any sort of value to anyone at all or should I just keep the nameplate and recycle the rest?  It weighs quite a bit and is about the size of a full-size car battery. 
I intend to either ship it to someone who is willing to pay the cost or remove the name plate, front voltage id plate, possibly salvage a transformer, then recycle the rest.  Hopefully I can move this thing out of my garage within this next week.
Any feedback or expressions of interest would be appreciated.
Best Regards,
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