[Boatanchors] Anyone Interested? Montgomery Ward A, B, C Power Supply

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Sun May 15 23:23:14 EDT 2011

William, it may be good to post your general location
- someone nearby may want to pick it up.

Also, a picture posted somewhere that may be viewed
could be helpful.

The folks over on the antique radio forum often ID
such things fast - and there is usually someone who
has been looking for one for a long time who would
be very grateful!

> I mau be wauI may be way off base here, but that reminds me of the
> Monkey Wards supply that was sold to replace the batteries needed in the
> console or upright radios, that had A, B and C batteries.... That power
> supply was basic supply to be placed in the bottom of the console, and
> connected to the radio with the same wire that would have gone to the
> batteries.
> The tubes would have been rectifiers, but I don't remember the numbers.
> And again, I may be way off base, not knowing the environment it was
> found, that may have a bearing too.
> Have a great day,
> --... ...-- Dale - WC7S in Wy
> Hello All,
> I saw this at a garage sale and, frankly, bought it for the nameplate
> which was still in pretty good shape with only minor scattered pitting.
> There was also potential for saving some of the terminals and/or the
> voltage plate from the front panel. The outside shell was still in
> relatively good shape although one corner was cut along its edge and
> bent back for some reason.
> I took the shell off today and peeked inside. What greeted me was a
> group of transformers (1 large, 2 medium sized), 2 of what looked to be
> oil filled capacitors and some miscellaneous power resistors, a relay,
> and a maze of cloth insulated wires. Plus quite a bit of dust and grime.
> There are 2 4-pin tube sockets as well.
> Does this have any sort of value to anyone at all or should I just keep
> the nameplate and recycle the rest? It weighs quite a bit and is about
> the size of a full-size car battery.
> I intend to either ship it to someone who is willing to pay the cost or
> remove the name plate, front voltage id plate, possibly salvage a
> transformer, then recycle the rest. Hopefully I can move this thing out
> of my garage within this next week.
> Any feedback or expressions of interest would be appreciated.
> Best Regards,
> William


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