[Boatanchors] OT a bit: decent possibility for Bird dummy load

Robert Groh rgroh at swbell.net
Mon May 16 10:24:48 EDT 2011

I found a listing for a damaged (output connector broken off) Bird 75W  30 dB 
attenuator on eBay and thought that I might mention it to my  fellow hams as a 
possibility for a very nice dummy load.  Some of you  may not know that any 
large, well designed attenuator (e.g. greater than  20 dB attenuation) makes a 
pretty darned good dummy load. In fact, I  have a 30 dB 100W Bird that I am 
using myself as a dummy load.  Fairly  compact, no oil, flat to 2 GHz - what is 
not to like.

The eBay item # is 250819745325.

By the way, I have no connection with this item or with the seller.  I  did 
check with the shop that is selling it and they did a quick check  and it does 
read 50 ohms on the input connector so it looks like the  damage to the output 
would not affect it's suitability as a load.

Another note: the 75W power rating (or xx power rating on any Bird attenuator or 
load) is a key down, 100% duty cycle rating. The ratings for lower duty cycles 
(e.g. CW at 50%, SSB at ?? 25%) are proportionally larger.  There is a limit but 
it is apparently quite high.

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