[Boatanchors] FS: Two tube type power supplies etc...

Bry Carling bcarling at cfl.rr.com
Thu May 19 19:43:27 EDT 2011

FOR SALE: Two tube type power supplies etc. etc. 

First is a homebuilt 117V AC,  slat-board style station power supply, built by WD4NKA 
and appears to match the little transmitter mentioned earlier. It has a nice, large 
AC power transformer that willl supply way more power than needed for just the 
little transmitter. Secondaries are 750V c.t. at about 200 ma, 6.3V, 5V etc. 
This is also slat board construction, with hardwood, and aluminum angle stock.
Has fuse, ON-OFF switch with knob, 6X5 rectifier, two VR tubes and two 
40 uF at 450V DC Mallory FP style can capacitors.

Has barrier strip output terminals marked for B+, Filament and Ground.

Available for $25.00 plus shipping.

117V AC primary, B plus and 6.3V AC supply.  445V c.t. AC at about 100 mA. 
This is a commercial or surplus supply on a compact chassis. Suitable for QRP xmtr 
or for a use with  receiver. It has two 20 uF at 350 WVDC can capacitors, and a 6X% rctifier 
plus a regulator tube. 

Available for $19.00 plus shipping.

More power supply components:
TWO AEROVOX Electrolytic plug-in capacitors (Octal Sockets) each is 10+10+10 uF at 450 
Will sell the pair for $5.00

High Voltage POWER SUPPLY Board. Has FIVE 100 uFD at 450V capacitors in series for 
20 uF at 2250 WVDC, and also has balancing / bleeder resistor across each one - 
These are each 50 kilohms at 20 watts. All new parts mounted on a nice phenolic 
board with mounting hardware. Picture available on request.
Available for $16.00 plus shipping.

Coming soon - s0me antique knobs, dials, transmitting and receiving tubes etc.

73 & Thanks for looking!

Bry, AF4K

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