[Boatanchors] Free to a good home -- a real winter project -- a Hallicrafters S-58!

Mike Langner mlangner at swcp.com
Sat Nov 5 11:49:40 EDT 2011

Hallicrafters S-58?

Yep - this is the only one I've ever seen, although apparently a number of
them were made.

This one's really rough, which is why it's FREE!

(I would request that you reimburse shipping, though) --

It's an AM-FM broadcast receiver in what looks a lot like an S-40 cabinet.
Has a slide rule dial, internal speaker, and is the "ready for sale" version
(meaning in a cabinet) of the S-59, which was an AM-FM receiver that
Hallicrafters sold to cabinet manufacturers who made those "brown goods,"
wooden furniture radio and record players that many of us had in our living
rooms back in the '50's.

Some of the things wrong with it - one knob is missing (if I have one I'll
supply it), mice have eaten the built-in speaker cone, but it's a
generic-looking 5 inch PM speaker, the 35L6 and the 12SQ7 should be replaced
(all the other tubes check good on my Hickok 600) the glass dial has slipped
from its mount, the dial cord is broken, and one pilot light holder is
missing - I'm sure I have a suitable replacement I'll furnish.

And the cabinet could sure use cleaning and ideally, re-painting.

If you're an Electric Radio reader, restoring this piece of Hallicrafters
history would make a great article!

It's another restoration project I'll never get to. . .

Anyway, it's free to a good home - and in a little while I'll take pictures
of it for anyone who wants them.

If you have a copy of Chuck Dachis' outstanding "Radios By Hallicrafters" a
picture of what they look like new is on page 57.

Meanwhile I'm off to read Nordic Christmas stories to young children at the
annual Scandinavian Club of Albuquerque's Julebutik (Christmas Boutique).
My wife's a two-term past president, so even though my only relationship to
Scandinavia is being half Irish (the Vikings repeatedly invaded Ireland) I'm
"on the hook" as the Julebutik storyteller!

73 all!



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