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Wed Nov 9 11:45:53 EST 2011

I've added a new addition to my Clough-Brengle collection.
After the Swap Meet Saturday morning Robert Lozier and I took
a little road trip. First we stopped in downtown Greensboro
so I could take some photos of the building where Johansens
Electric was located in the late 1940s. This is for a future
article I'm working on about my Clough-Brengle transmitters
for QST. Johansens is the store where they were sold a
war surplus in 1948.
After this we drove about 75 miles to Hurdle Mills, NC to
visit Larry Dowell and see his radio collection. 
Larry has a really big work shop where there are literally
hundreds of radio cabinets and chassis stored waiting for
future repair or parts removal. One thing he has that I really lusted over is a large commercial
grade glass beading cabinet, it is really nice.
We also got to see Larry's car collection.
Just before we left Larry took me back into the shop
and pointed to a high shelf where a dusty Clough-Brengle model
79D was sitting. He asked me if I wanted it...
Well yeah, I don't think I've ever turned down a
piece of Clough-Brengle gear, even though I wasn't
totally sure I didn't already have one like it. 
With about 40 pieces of C-B test equipment in the
collection it's hard to keep up with what I have
already. Well s it turns out I didn't have a 79D,
I do have 2 different model 79Cs, so the 79D fit nicely
after some shifting around. It's missing the eye tube,
Larry said he swiped it to use in a radio.
No problem, I'm sure I have a replacement.
If you're interested you can see the new model 79D
and the other pieces in the collection by going here;
just scroll down toward to bottom and you'll see a
photo framed in RED with a RED "NEW" above it,
this indicates what is the newest addition or
recently updated pages.

Take care and thanks for visiting.
73, RON w4ron
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