[Boatanchors] NOS National Radio Dial FS

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Thu Nov 10 16:30:03 EST 2011

You have to love any dial that says "police, amateur and foreign!"

Bry Carling

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Subject: [Boatanchors] NOS National Radio Dial FS
Date: Thu, Nov 10, 2011 3:09 pm

I was cleaning in my work shop this morning and I ran
across a National Radio dial that I've had for many
years. I've been meaning to get it out and see if anyone
could use it in a National radio that their restoring.

I have no idea for sure what radio is goes
on, it sorta reminds me of a Sky Buddy dial...

It is MINT original in the original box with the original
national tissue wrapping paper.

You can see lots of close up photos of it here;

It can be yours for the nominal price of $20 plus
Priority Mail postage.

73, RON w4ron
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