[Boatanchors] Yaesu FT757GX and GX II's

Alex [Temple Boatanchors] temple.boatanchors1 at miwww.com
Sat Nov 19 18:28:29 EST 2011

Wow I still remember this rig in its prime time like it was 
yesterday, have already enough years passed to consider it now a 
boatanchor? ;-)

As a matter of fact I once fixed one while living in Martinique back 
in '91. One of the big 64-pin SMD square chips was bad, and since 
there was another exact same IC in the rig that was not going to be 
used due to the functionality it was assigned to, I just swapped them 
and got the rig working for that frenchie, and he was mighty happy to 
have it back working. Had to desolder pin by pin with actually the 
tip of a "pin" pulling up while heating every single IC pin. No, no 
hot air station available to me at the time.

Time is relentless, the years keep on piling on like there is no stopping them!


  At 10:43 AM 11/19/2011, you wrote:
>anyone have an old Yaesu FT757 they want to sell?  Doesn't work is 
>fine. In fact I prefer that it needs to be repaired or is for parts only.
>Antenna tuner, power supply, etc. ?? Those too.
>Contact me OFF the lists.   thanks,
>and the beat goes onnnnnnnnn!!!!

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