[Boatanchors] Hybrid boatanchor, SB10 and SDR receiver

Fuqua, Bill L wlfuqu00 at uky.edu
Tue Nov 29 00:41:32 EST 2011

    We have a QRP group here in KY that want to build a simple SDR receiver.
And one question was what about making a transceiver. 
Naturally they were thinking about making a SDR transceiver or adding a 
SDR transmitter but what I thought I may do is to buffer and inject the
VFO for the receiver into A SB10 and couple it to the antenna to make
a QRP transmitter. 
   I happen to have one and think it would be a novel combination.
Naturally, except for the PC you could make a quadrature tube receiver.

Bill wa4lav

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