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Possibly because the company's "logo" was a Viking warrior.  They did not use a number on any of their other transmitters for the first version.  The original Valiant was NOT the Viking I, it was just Valiant.  Now when the Valiant II came out, many people did start calling the original Valiant a Valiant I.  However, the original Valiant was never called a Valiant I by Johnson.

It was the same thing with the Ranger.  The original version was just Ranger.  Even when there was a major modification to the keying circuit, the name was not changed.  Again, when the Ranger II came out, many people started calling the original Ranger a Ranger I.  But, just like with the Valiant, Johnson never called the original Valiant a Valiant I.
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Here is a question.
Why did Johnson have the first Viking transmitter called the Viking 1 not just the Viking.
Even the manual says Viking 1 on the cover.

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