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I built a self contained transmitter using a 117LGT and a companion receiver using a 6SN7 in two boxes. I also built a modulator using another 117LGT in a third box.


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I think I mentioned that the first electronic device I ever built was an 
amplifier (using a 26) in a cigar box for a school science fair.  I was 
probably 14.  I drilled four holes in the top of the box and inserted the 
tube.  I made connections to the pins by using homemade clips (I think 
probably from a tin can).  I had screw terminals on the top of the box for 
access to the tube elements.  Typed labels rubber cemented to the box 
completed the project.

Looking back, I think that the wood box with nice grain with a tube mounted 
vertically looked pretty good.  I didn't have to make room in the box for the 
tube.   One might envision something akin to an Ameco AC-1 in wood.

I still have the box and the tube around here somewhere.



On Monday 03 October 2011 02:29:16 Kludge wrote:
> Talking with Noelle on the phone has been absent from my life for the past
> few months.  Heck, as a rule, she’s not usually even up to talking on the
> computer (IM or email) so I spend a lot of time in worry mode sending
> messages etc of encouragement but not hearing back.  So talking with her on
> the phone for two hours Thursday afternoon and three Friday night/Saturday
> morning was an absolute treat.  She sounds better than she has for a long
> time, although her new med load has her a bit loopy.  (Okay, so she was on
> occasion a little before meds but so was I and the meds I’m on now don’t
> help. :-) )  Anyway, that did a lot for my mood as well in a very positive
> way which my state case manager noticed right off after the first call when
> she stopped by Friday.
> My local tobacconist (who really isn’t so local but rather is in Honolulu)
> sells cigar boxes for $1 for paper covered ones, $3 for wooden ones and $10
> for the really big ones.  I picked up two wooden ones of interest but I
> also got one of the really big ones.  It is made of unfinished Honduran
> Mahogany – I mean *really* unfinished! – and, along with the lid on top,
> has a cool door at the bottom of the front.  In the meantime, the larger of
> the two smaller wooden boxes has a slide up piece at the top of the front
> while the smaller one is made of heavier than usual wood.  I originally
> thought to finish the rough box but decided against it.  There is a certain
> rugged individuality to it that I like.  They had more interesting cigar
> boxes but they’re cash only and I didn’t have any more cash in hand.  Since
> I was in the neighborhood to order my new glasses, I’ll be sure to have
> many much more paper folding cash stuff when I go back.
> Something I’ve had in the back of my mind for a while is putting rigs
> inside cigar boxes.  While I had though I would have to stack boxes then
> still have to remove the tubes to close the boxes, I seem to have lucked
> out in getting boxes large enough to do these things plus put away things
> like the key, phones, antenna wire etc.  The tubes may have to be
> horizontal but that’s not a big deal.  They have a number of sliding top
> boxes which generally I don’t favor but I may take another look since they
> have ample depth for a rig.  They would have to be assembled side by side
> to work but, on thinking about it, there’s nothing really wrong with that
> and I can knock out sides if I want to have larger boxes.  The first method
> could be kind of cool since each box would have a stage which could be
> isolated from the next by a layer of foil or something between them plus I
> could separate them in case I wanted to create a different stage or
> something without disturbing the rest.
> While I’m thinking about it, last time I was at Goodwill I saw a rather
> nice small wooden suitcase that would have held a rig rather nicely.  When
> I went back (same day, after I kicked myself for not buying it), it was
> gone.  Oh, well.  I don’t want to make one of the parasets that are so
> popular and “in” in some circles but rather just a simple suitcase rig with
> a VFO and uses subminis where they’d be useful with larger tubes where
> they’re needed.  If I want to stay strictly 1930s, the subminis will have
> to go but I may be able to squeeze in some acorns instead.  They would all
> be under the panel rather than sticking up where they have to be removed
> when the lid’s closed. If I use a design I’ve used before, the larger
> bottom part would be the top and the top would sit on the table as a desk
> thingie.  The bottom would move forward as it opens so it sits on the top
> (which somehow sounds backwards but is quite clear in my mind) so the whole
> thing doesn’t tip over backwards but rather is relatively stable.
> So much fun, so few toys …
> Best regards,
> Michael, WH7HG ex-K3MXO, ex-KN3MXO, WPE3ARS, BL01xh ex-Mensa A&P PP BGI
> I am me.  I’m the only one who’s qualified.
> http://www.nationalmssociety.org/chapters/NTH/index.aspx
> http://wh7hg.blogspot.com/
> http://kludges-other-blog.blogspot.com
> Hiki Nô!

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