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> The point was why make a Johnson Viking I unless you anticipate making a
Viking II.

Much of the Johnson Tx line was a "Viking" something.  Since they probably
anticipated making more than one Tx, naming the first just plain Johnson
Viking a Viking I made sense.  As Glen mentioned, this is inconsistent with
the Ranger etc where the first one had no numeric identifier but who said
they have to be consistent?  Their marketing department certainly didn't.

Speaking of the Viking I & II, part of the recovered material was the RF
train from a Viking I or II Tx.  Since I'm no big fan of the 6146 family, my
original plan was to use a 4D32 in the PA like the Viking I but then I began
to wonder how hard I could push the pi-net before it started crying "Uncle."
(While I have the modulation transformer, this would be more for CW use.)
The next thought was how hard I could push it with the bias adjusted so it's
running Class B instead if I decide that adding SSB would be fun.  (For
this, I'm considering an internal equivalent to an SB-10 once I have a
manual on the SB-10 to see how it works.)  

Two other parts of the recovered material were a DX-100 VFO and the PTO from
a 32V.*  Using one of these and an offset oscillator, I can hit the original
160-10m bands plus 12 & 17m without any problems.  (It may be stable enough
for 60m but I plan to adopt an HW-18 for that once I can find a manual for
one since it's already USB and I just have to play with the RF train.  30m
holds no interest for me unless I decide to go RTTY or something.)  

* What's the optimum way to dry out the silica gel plug for this PTO?
Mine's gone all dampish and stuff and needs to be un-dampished.

On the original subject ... isn't $7800 a bit rich for this Rx?  I really
don't know so maybe some of the 'spurts here can fill me in.

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