[Boatanchors] Testing 1625s

Precision Carburetor DP precisioncarb at optonline.net
Wed Oct 5 07:40:58 EDT 2011

Hi John.

I have too many tube testers to count so I've never tested a 1625 that way
but its not difficult.  The specifications for the 1625 are same as the more
common 807 except the filament voltage.  You will have to supply the
required voltages to the elements.  You have the plate supply and filament
but you also need negative grid bias and screen supplies. The RCA tube
manual TT1A has the specifications for the 1625 under the 807 listing.  Also
the RCA RC26 has a the procedure for testing the Gm (page 543) and other
parameters.   Here is a link to some RCA tube manuals.  If you have problem
getting the data I can provide the individual pages.





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