[Boatanchors] Kenwood ps30

Robert Carter rrcarter at qwest.net
Tue Oct 11 18:31:18 EDT 2011

Hi, I have a ps30 that was used with a 120. Turn it on and receive is  
ok. Key mic and receive still hot with audio from mike at speaker.  
Power is dropping
with voice peaks. First thought transfer relay problem. Tested rig  
with another supply and it's ok. opened up PS and found 13 volts on
cap ( large one) but no voltage at regulator. F2 had 2 20 Amp fuse's  
with one blown. Schematic shows a twenty amp fuse, but parts list does  
not. Both fuse clips
are shorted to each other thus it was fused with 40 amp capacity. My  
guess is that the clips should have been insulated from each other  
using one as a spare?
The "good" fuse was not making contact even with no resistance between  
back to back clips.????
What is the correct fuse size?  Sorry for the long story.


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