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>> Okay, I'm going to make the same offer to anyone going to this hamfest as
>> did to someone going to NEAR-fest.
> OK Michael, how about posting a list of your wants,
> Oh, technically it's not a HAMFEST, though I guess it
> could be called that, it's a antique radio club swap meet.

Okay, this latter adjusts a few things but I've got wants of antiquity as
well. :-)  A lot of my building interests are in the 1930s which includes
1920s tech.  My mentors all got on the air during the 20s and stayed on
during the Depression through creative horse trading and extreme cleverness.
That's pretty much what they hammered into me early on and I got to liking
the technology and doing things like making my own components.  They were a
bit disappointed in a few things like my total failure to make a respectable
conventional variable cap but I did sliding plate ones like nobody's
business.  Some of the things they showed me I've never seen in books but
I've not read all the books so they may be somewhere I haven't looked.  

Unless there would possibly be military surplus there as well, I'll skip the
SCR-A*-183, SCR-274-N and Type 12 "needed" list.  The remaining items are on
more of a "wish list" than anything else and I seriously doubt much, if
anything, will be found but it never hurts to ask.  In any case, here's the

SCC, DCC, SSC, DSC wire - While planned projects call out specific gauges, I
can use pretty much any size and "adjust."  The only one that may be hard to
work around would be some #12 to wind high current Tx heater RF chokes.

Woven fabric over rubber (or PVC, I guess) wire: Common sizes preferred but
I can adjust to what's available.  Again, #12 for RF Amp heater wiring would
be good.  

4 through 7 pin UX type breadboard mounted tube sockets: Phenolic works
although a few ceramic would be nice.  A couple 4 pin jumbos for 811s would
be quite welcome as well.

4 and 5 pin tube bases for coils: I have enough of the normal 1-1/2" coil
forms but not everything fits them.  These are for those that don't.

Banana jacks and plugs: The kind found on larger coils so I can make my own
jack & plug strips using steatite I already have.  (I also need two jacks to
make test prods for my KS-14510-L11 multimeter that looks an awful lot like
a Simpson 260.  Unlike many current meters, it has sunken banana plugs for
contacts.  I need to create a 30v battery for it as well.)

Two-piece feed through insulators (the double truncated conical ones) sized
to fit 1/8" to 3/16" rod (same as #5 through #8 screws):  I need about a
dozen of these.  I also need a couple sets to fit #10 or #12 machine screws.

Several pairs of beehive insulators would be nice but I won't hold my breath
on them.

Tubes:  Wow.  While I could use a set for a BC-229 (37, 38 and 4 39/44s or
the globe equivalents), I'm going to skip them right now.  The audiophoo ...
er, folks have the triode market pretty well tied up so they're pretty much
out of the picture due to price.  (One or two each type 30, 56 and/or 76
triodes would be nice to make some of the receivers in the 1936 Jones Radio
Handbook but I doubt any are available so I'll do workarounds.  Also, a mate
to my UX 210 would be nice but I can't afford it.)  An exception seems to be
dual triodes of which I have a few but I could use a couple each RK-33s, 19s
and or 79s.  (Note that heater voltage is not a concern.  I can deal with
about anything as needed.)  That pretty much leaves non-octal tetrodes and
pentodes and I'm in no position to be real picky as to what.  Jones and one
or two other books from the 30s call for the following: 2A5, 2B6, 6C6, 6D6,
6F7, 41, 42, 46, 47, 57, 58, 59, 77 and 78 - or the globe equivalents.  I'll
feel fortunate to get one or two of anything at all.

Grid/plate caps would be most welcome.  I have none at all right now and
they would prove convenient for some tubes on hand plus any of the above
that may come my way as what require them.

Having a few tube shields for the above shoulder type (and/or globe) tubes
would be nice.  The ones I used to make from vegetable cans were just
downright ugly.  :-)

A couple 10k CT to voice coil transformers to more or less match push pull
50L6s would be cool.  These are for my computer [stereo] speaker amp which
will have two 50L6s driven by a 12SN7 preamp/phase inverter in each channel
with another 12SN7 (or ?) used as low gain amplifiers used to isolate the
gain and tone controls from each other for each channel.  

For the long shot, one or two Aladdin Type 100 465 KC IF cans would be
super.  These are iron core variable coupling cans called out for use in the
Super Gainer in the 1936 Jones Radio Handbook.  I can probably make a couple
of them but not having to would be a convenience.

As I mentioned above, this is more a "wish list" than anything.  It has been
trimmed back considerably due to dumping several projects and recovering the
material that was stolen several years ago.  I don't *expect* anything to
come of this nor do I want anyone to go out of their way on my behalf.  And
I most assuredly do not want to interrupt anyone's enjoyment of the meet.
The world will not stop turning nor will it fall into the sun should these
items not be found.  (Or ... hmmm ... I don't think it will anyway.  Those
are possibilities I hadn't really considered until now.)  Dogs and cats will
not start living together.  Aliens won't come and admit Paris Hilton is one
of them.  On the other hand, I'll still be ugly as sin and Summer Glau (or
any of a rather large number of other ladies of note) won't declare her
undying love for me.  It balances out.  Anyway, if they're spotted, cool.
If not, life goes on.

Does this help any?

Best regards,
Michael, WH7HG ex-K3MXO, ex-KN3MXO, WPE3ARS, BL01xh ex-Mensa A&P PP BGI 
I am me.  I’m the only one who’s qualified.
Hiki Nô! 

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