[Boatanchors] Boat Anchor Relfectors

Bry Carling bcarling at cfl.rr.com
Tue Apr 3 04:39:29 EDT 2012

Ray - you can find each of those groups listed here with subscription information:



Bry, AF4K

On 2 Apr 2012 at 19:47, Raymond Cote wrote:

Ok, I guess I am a little slow. I keep reading about "lists". Also that there is more 
info on bA gear there. What are they ane how are they accessed?

I searched Firefox on windows Vista and did not get any coherent answers.

anyone care to delve into this topic?

the below comments and entries stirred my curiosity.
> David - I think I have this correct:
> BOATANCHORS at lists.tempe.gov - is no more. 
> There is also 
> DCBoatanchors at mailman.qth.net
> FLBoatanchors at yahoogroups.com
> AMRadio at mailman.qth.net
> and
> vintage-radio at mailman.qth.net
> Possibly one or two more regional ones also. Those are the busier ones, 
> the AMRadio, Vintage-Radio and DC groups have seen very light traffic slow for 
> couple of years.
> BASWAPLIST has disappeared. 
> CarolinaHamSwap is slow now also.

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