[Boatanchors] FS: Crystal Converters

Bry Carling bcarling at cfl.rr.com
Sat Apr 14 18:20:28 EDT 2012

FOR SALE: Brand new Peterson Radio Co. Crystal Converters.

Several of these for sale, and they are brand new. All are made for 455 kHz i.f. output, and 
offer fixed local oscillator and rf amp-mixer stage for conversion to popular i.f of 455 kHz.
See pictures at web site below. I do not have a diagram, but perhaps it is stll available from 
Peterson. In any event, it is going to be easy to figureout, since these two transistor 
converters have input, output and power connections on the PC boards, that should be fairly 
obvious. Fun project - these could easily be adapted to 6m, 10m and 30m operation - or use 
as an oscillator or other project.

Input receive frequency is shown. Crystal frequency will be 455 kHz away. You will find 
ordering the ordering buttons at link below.

One each: 10.000 MHz,  39.050 MHz, 45.060 MHz and 48.150 MHz, ALSO: for 39.500 MHz - 
I have an initial quantity of 3. All others are one each. Price is $3.00 each plus shipping, while 
they last! 

Pictures, details and ordering page here:

73 - Bry, AF4K

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