[Boatanchors] Capacitor for Hallicrafters SX19R

Jim Simmons orion at datasync.com
Thu Apr 19 22:44:34 EDT 2012

David, Are you sure it's an SX-19R?  I've never heard of this model.  
Hallicrafters did make an S-19R Skybuddy.  (I used to own one many years 
ago).  The schematic diagram and parts list for the Hallicrafters S-19R 
Skybuddy lists four (4) electrolytic capacitors.  (Possibly all in the 
same can, or maybe three (3) in the can, with the one in the cathode 
circuit of the audio output tube being separate.  These capacitors are:

C7...10 uFd @ 300 VDC  (Connected to junction of R16 and R17...R16 is 3K 
@ 0.5 W and R17 is 10K @ 0.5 W).
C14...10 uFd @ 25 VCD (Connected to cathode of output audio amplifier).
C20...10 uFd @ 300 VDC (Connected to output side of speaker field coil 
(used as a filter choke).
C21...10 uFd @ 350 VDC (Connected to input side of speaker field coil).

Notice all these capacitors are 10 uFd.  If we're talking about the same 
radio then it's possible that someone has changed this filter capacitor 
can in the past.  As long as the capacitance is equal to, or greater, 
than the original and the DC working voltage is equal to, or greater, 
than the original then it's usually a good substitute for filter 
capacitors.  However, I wouldn't stray too far from the capacitance of 
10 uFd used as the cathode bypass in the audio output tube circuit, 
because this is part of the biasing/ feedback for that tube.

Hope this helps.


On 4/20/2012 12:02 PM, DAVID wrote:
> Hello to everyone!,I've never posted anything here to this point,but have
> always read the posts that others have made,But now I hope to get some
> help!! I'm in the process of trying to restore a Hallicrafters SX19R
> receiver,replacing all the paper caps and resisters that need raplacing,I've
> come to the Alum Capacitor that is mounted inside the cabinet it is a
> "Sprague model number 6943J with these values on the label-" first value is
> unreadable,the others are as follows,20MFD AT 350VDC-80MFD AT 150VDC AND
> 100MFD AT 50VDC," I Have looked high and low for this Capacitor,even for a
> replacement.to no avail!! This being first time I ever tried restoring a
> receiver,has been no help either!! I was wondering if somebody on this list
> could help me,point me in the right direction,suggest a replacement or
> whatever!! Any and all help is deeply appreciated!! Sincerely David/Ka4zuc
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