[Boatanchors] Bud Chassis, Thordarson Chokes, Thordarson Plate Transformer

William Morton w_b_morton at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 9 20:50:53 EDT 2012

Hello All,
I have a habit of buying things that looks neat, that I really don't need, and then taking them apart.  Normally the stuff is basically junk but this last item deserves a last chance at life before I send it to recycling.
The item is an old power supply built on a Bud chassis.  It had 2 mercury rectifier tubes (Taylor 866), a large plate transformer, 2 chokes, 1 2.5V transformer, and a large transformer of unknown pedigree.  This was taken apart as the Aerovox oil capacitors were both starting to leak.
The Bud chassis is taken apart for storage purposes.  The front panel is 12 1/4" high, 19" wide, has 4 evenly-spaced slots on the left and right sides for rack mounting.  The front panel had 3 holes drilled in it:  power switch, light jewel, rotary switch.  The base is 3 1/16" high, 17 1/8" wide and 12" deep.  There are several holes drilled in the base for filter caps, transformer feed-throughs, etc, but has plenty of real estate left for something new.  There are also 2 side gusset panels for bracing the front panel.  It could definitely use a good cleaning but the black wrinkle finish is surprisingly good considering it was an orphan in someone's garage for many years.
The Thordarson transformers are (reference Thordarson Catalog 400C Fall-Winter '38 - '39):1.  19C43  12H choke, 300mA, 105DCR2.  19C36  5-20H swinging choke, 300mA, 105 DCR3.  19P60  1875-0-1875, 1560-0-1560, 300mA
The transformers are in good shape but dusty.  No rust-through or anything like that.
Anyone interested in purchasing any of it?  I would prefer to meet in the St. Paul / Minneapolis area rather than ship any of this.  I am sure the shipping would be expensive...  I think $30 for each transformer is reasonable and whoever purchases a transformer first can have the Bud chassis if they wish.  If anyone wants the Taylor tubes, they can pick them up as well.  They are not in operating condition although they could be washed up for display purposes.
While not wanting to pressure anyone, I will say my next run to the scrap yard is Saturday morning.  Hopefully there is a use for some or all of this.
Best Regards,

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