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In the case of Hallicrafters, the "X" could have just indicated that there was some sort of crystal in the radio.  Both the SX-140 and the SX-101 series did have a crystal calibrator!

The HQ series was made by Hammarlund.  Most, but not all, of the Hammarlund receivers with a crystal filter had an "X" at the end of the model number.  A notable exception is the SP-600 series.  Those with an "X" in the model number such as the SP-600-JX-17, had the ability to have the frequency crystal controlled.
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   Wow, it just occurred to me. There were other models that used the X and 
did not have a "crystal filter".
Models with low frequency last IF like the SX101 had LC filters but not 
crystal. So in that case
I assume the X means a very good filter. One as good or better than a 
crystal filter.
But still not a good explanation for the SX140.
    Now, keeping that in mind the HQ129X and similar ones had crystal 
filters but
the HQ170 did not nor did they use the X designation.

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