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  Also, another great movie, not radio related, was Hugo.
I thought it would be a fiction adventure movie for kids but it was not at all.
It had some fiction adventure stuff to maintain the attention of kids' but 
it was about the earliest movie productions and the technology used at the 
time. Kind of like a sort of history lesson for kids and adults as well.
Bill wa4lav

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  My wife and I wen to see the movie "Tin Tin".
In the Radio Room on the ship there were a  number of
boatanchors. I was thinking that the movie took place in
the early 40s but after seeing a 50's Triumph realized that
it was the mid 50's. So it seems that they did a reasonably good
job keeping to match the year.
  I will have to go see it again and pay more attention to
details and not so much to the plot.
bill wa4lav

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